Veterinary Internal Medicine Clinic

Veterinary Internal Medicine is the specialty that involves the diagnosis, management and nonsurgical treatments of animal health problems. We provide diagnosis and treatment using advanced technology. Our specialized teams of veterinarians are highly skilled in providing comprehensive medical care including annual physical examinations, health screenings and preventive care.

Surgical Clinic

The Surgical Clinic offers a full range of surgical specialties and multidisciplinary teams to provide advance orthopedic surgery and treatment with international standard and high technologies to improve quality of your pet's life.

IPD/Ward and ICU

We provide IPD/ward for patients classified according to symptoms in order to control the spread of diseases i.e, gastrointestinal tract infection room, Respiratory disease room

Diagnostic Imaging Unit

Our specialists provide 24-Hours. X-Ray service and ultrasound service in regular service hours.

Hematology and Biochemistry Lab

We provide laboratory analysis services in hematology, immunology, chemistry clinic, microscopy clinic, animal blood bank and pathology to both private and government sections.

Special Medical Clinic

We offer the special medical clinic in cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology focusing on responding needs of animal standard treatments.